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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Conseils avant séance

Before a session

  • Try not to have to rush, stress yourself out before you get to the session.

  • Avoid drinking alcohol.

  • If you cannot come to your appointment, please let me know well in advance. This allows other people to take your place. Of course, I won't ask you the reason and it's up to you to cancel or postpone.

After the session

  • During a healing session, energy movements took place. A reharmonization of the energy circulation has been carried out. Energies have been moved, others modified, blockages resolved, an energy healing session gets you moving!

  • When you leave the office, do not rush. TAKE YOUR TIME… In order to take full advantage of the benefits of this session, establish a moment of tranquility because it is when you are calm and relaxed that the energies work best.

  • Take the opportunity to prolong the experience, sit down, take stock of your physical sensations, notice the tensions that have disappeared, those that remain...

  • After treatment, avoid shopping, playing sports, returning to work, and having intense or stressful physical or mental activity. 

  • Avoid receiving people at home, or partying   the same evening, because it's a lot of work that will prevent you from assimilating the treatment in depth.

  • To help eliminate toxins, it is strongly advised to drink water for 48 hours after the session and also to avoid alcohol consumption...

  • If you feel that your condition is improving, another session is not necessary. On the other hand, if you feel that the pain is coming back, do not wait to reschedule an appointment.

  • I also ask you, pleasecontact me in the week following the treatment(by SMS or email), in order to take stock of the evolution of your health.

  • If you are satisfied with my services, I can only recommend that you talk about me around you.

Conseils après séance

Each of the magnetism sessions is adapted to your problem and your needs. You will have previously familiarized yourself withsome tipsbefore the session.

I have previously made preparations for the energetic cleansing of the place and of myself.


  1. Getting in touch

I begin the session with a moment of exchange, to   evoke first, the history of your health, the path you have followed, your worries, your sufferings, your pains and your expectations. I thus clarify your request, can know if the patient follows a drug treatment, and if he is in possession of a medical diagnosis.

Indeed, magnetism in no way replaces traditional medicine.

It is always recommended to consult your doctor, before any intervention with practices of accompaniment and helping relationship or methods using energy techniques..

This exchange is the basis of the session, it is important that a climate of trust is established between us in order to target your needs as best as possible, whatever they may be, in order to determine the most appropriate type of treatment to be carried out in depending on your different pathologies. After this first exchange, we will begin the treatment session.

You will simply be asked:

  • to take off your shoes,

  • to remove jewelry and accessories likely to bother you,

  • to loosen your belt,

  • turn off your cell phone.

The consultant remains fully clothed, however sometimes it may be necessary to act directly in contact with the skin. The energy passes through clothing, but it is quite obvious that for burns, or skin problems, direct contact may be preferable, but it will always be with your agreement.

The patient lies down on the treatment table, on his stomach or on his back, sits down or remains standing, depending on the part of the body to be treated. Sitting, the patient must keep a straight back without being stiff, must not be slouched. His hands rest on his knees. The feet are flat on the ground. Your arms and legs must be uncrossed for optimal energy circulation. 

It is important to sit comfortably. Relax, you can close your eyes…    And take full advantage of this moment dedicated to you, this moment just for you.

The magnetism session is of variable duration and depends on three factors:

  • 1.   the age of the consultant,

  • 2.  the duration of pain or energy imbalance,

  • 3.  the receptivity of the consultant.


Indeed and in general:

  • 1.  a young consultant reacts faster than an older consultant,

  • 2.  2 week old pain relieves much faster than 2 year old pain,

  • 3.  each consultant is more or less receptive depending on whether he has remained close to nature or whether he is in pure and hard materialism.

Each treatment is therefore unique. The session is therefore modified according to the receiver, his needs of the moment and the feelings of the magnetizer.

  • An appeasement!

A magnetic treatment is very gentle and can even be given to a child or a baby. Generally, the patient enters a state of deep relaxation and it is not uncommon for the patient to fall asleep. The care does not feel, it does not hurt. Perhaps, depending on your sensitivity, you will feel a sensation of heat, or coolness, or slight tingling. Thesefeltare generally perceived as pleasant. After the session, it is normal to feel slightly dizzy for a while, such as after intense meditation or a nap.


  • Silence !

With rare exceptions, the sessions are without words. Whether in total silence or with background music, the absence of dialogue is necessary for me to concentrate on what I'm doing. The concentration when I am in treatment is very close to the state of concentration known during a meditation. This concentration can be very deep at times, which is not compatible with a discussion. -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

  • Energy charging

A magnetizer needs to take energy before the session by concentrating for a few minutes as a yoga practitioner can do. He does this in his mind, as well as protective work, so as not to absorb like a sponge all the ills of the person.

Then there is magnetic contact making. I'm connecting to you  so we're on the same "frequency".

I can put one hand on the solar plexus and the other on the forehead. For my part, I continue this contact for 3 to 4 minutes, often by placing my hands on my shoulders.

Then, I move around you so as to impose  and direct my hands, at the level of the painful places according to your energy needs and my feelings. The goal is to harmonize vital energy in order to unlock conflicting areas to relieve your pain. 

2. This is the session!

Je  helps you first of all to relax and rebalance your energies bylaying on of hands, before dealing with your problem, whether physical or emotional. Then, according to the patient's request, I act on different parts of the body, either in a purely energetic way (without touching the consultant), or in a manual way (by placing the hands, or by pressure of a finger on specific areas of the body …) to deal with the problem of his consultant.

The first position always concerns the head and the positions are linked together, from the head to the feet.

I carry out an energy balance, by carrying out a complete scan of your body in order to detect the areas to be worked on. With my hands, I will "probe" the energy of the patient from top to bottom, starting from the top of the head to the feet. This allows him to identify the areas to be treated, in addition to those communicated by the patient, if necessary. Then, it will remain on the point(s) to be treated, one by one, for longer. 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

  • And the head !

I place my hands on top of your head. The technique may differ depending on the patient's need. This essential phase will allow me to gauge your level of receptivity to magnetism.

I will first place my hands behind your ears between the skull and the top of the spine. Then then on several different places of the head, above the ears, temporal, parietal, and above on the face of the skull by placing a finger at each point of the face. ​

When the points are touched gently, following a well-defined sequence, they release with ease and without effort, all that prevents from RECEIVING. 

  • And the body!

I pass my hands over the patient's body. This step will consist of rebalancing your energy. Remove the negative energies present in your body and bring you new positive energy. During this phase, different sensations may be felt: Heat on the areas during work, feeling of cold, externalization of different emotions, etc.

The care given to the energy body is done at a distance, about 5 or 10 centimeters from the body. In some cases, I put my hands on the receiver, for example to treat a physical ailment, but most of the session takes place most often without contact.

All I have to do now is follow my hands. A connection occurs and warmth radiates from my hands. I know then that the treatment begins.The patient may feelheat, cold or tingling. 

By laying on of hands, I will relieve the sick organ or the pain by absorbing harmful energies in order to rid the consultant of them… Then, still with my hands, I magnetize again to rebalance the body in positive energy.

When this heat fades,  I can then stop.

  • The techniques

The session changes according to the receiver, his needs of the moment and the feelings of the magnetizer. Here are some techniques:

  • The slow passes: They charge the body, stimulate the defenses

  • Quick Passes: They release the pains, calm.

  • Small current passes  (they start from the painful or diseased area and go to the afferent end, example knees to toes for a painful knee): They recharge the area concerned

  • High current passes (from head to toe): Clears the whole body

  • The scissor passes  (hands crossed, palmar sides facing the body): They relax, relax

  • Cutting passes  (hands crossed in front of the consultant, fingertips facing the person): Useful at the end of the session to cut the magnetic ties with the person

  • The attractive passes  (following a palmar imposition, the hand is slowly moved away as if to attract evil): Helps to ward off pain, appeasement

  • Palmar imposition (about 3 cm): It relieves. It can be circular in order to treat a larger area.

  • The imposition of fingers in an eagle's beak  (fingers pointed like a bird's beak): More focused than the palmar above. It can be circular or perforating as if the evil were torn out.

  • The hot breath (the magnetizer slowly inhales the inspired air on the area to be treated): Provides very strong relief

  • The cold breath  (the magnetizer breathes faster than with the hot breath and at a further distance, like extinguishing a candle): Disperses pain and negative waves

  • The touch (practice lying down if possible, otherwise standing, start with both hands on each side of the body starting from the lobes of the ears to the feet with a change of side at the level of the pelvis),

  • etc


And finally I end with an energy scan, which consists of removing any residues of negative energy but also and above all to re-harmonize the energy of your body.

  • ​Your well-being during the session

On your side, you will perceive the presence of my hands above your body, whether they touch you or not. The patient often feels a very strong heat at the places where I pass my hands. Sometimes the pain increases during the session and then disappears completely. You may feel a calming or exciting effect, heaviness in the arms and legs, numbness, tingling, warmth, a feeling of lightness, feeling movements in your stomach or in your muscles...
Although many people feel next to nothing, or nothing at all…
Beyond the sensations, you may also feel like yawning or coughing, this sometimes happens. Above all, don't hold them back, it's important, and don't be ashamed or afraid of them. 
Let your body naturally evacuate what clutters it.
It is also possible to feel an irresistible emotion, happy or sad, a giggle or a desire to cry. Above all, don't hold it back, let it escape. It's part of you, mask it, block it, defeats the job . 
It is therefore important to accept the inner transformations that can occur during a treatment. The effects of energy healing vary from person to person. Even people who cultivate skepticism often get encouraging results…

3. End of session

The treatment ends with a time of "feedback"  during which the patient and the magnetizer share their feelings. I wash my hands with cold water to discharge negative vibes.


In some cases, one or two additional sessions are sometimes necessary depending on the health problems. 
But only you will decide to make another appointment if you feel the need...

+ info on feelings

4. After the session

After a session, you feel at least as good as after a very good massage, liberated, light-headed... 

The patient feels extremely relaxed, he may need to sleep quickly.

The reactions are different from one patient to another, but what I am reporting here are the reactions that I have seen as regular, in some of them.

Once the session is over, it will take 1 to 3 days to set up. The work stretching him up to 21 days. The pain may return a few days later, if it is chronic pain; in which case, I intervene again. The magnetism continues to act in the hours, even the following days.

Several magnetism sessions may be necessary depending on your receptivity and the anteriority of your energy problem. 
But only you will decide to make another appointment if you feel the need...

Finally, know that there is no contraindication to magnetism. A magnetizer is above all, a benevolent, generous person and above all attentive to others.

+ info 


Déroulement de séance

I am a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.


After a session of magnetism the feelings can be very different from one person to another.

Indeed, the energy crossing the body can cause various reactions. But these impressions never last very long, and for the most part, do not extend beyond the session. You may also not feel anything in particular, but that does not mean that the session did not work.​

Les ressentis

During the session

Some people have little reaction. Others, on the contrary, have a lot of feelings. You should know that they are different for everyone and can be combined.

They are mainly :

  • tingling, tingling

  • eye movements,

  • hot or cold waves that pass through the body or on a specific location, 

  • sensation of a liquid flowing over the surface of the skin, well-being, pain.

  • swallowing,

  • numbness of a limb or general,

  • muscle or stomach spasms,

  • well-being or, on the contrary, pain…

  • You may also yawn, cough, have bloating.


Above all, let your body express itself freely.

This also applies when you feel an irresistible emotion, happy or sad, giggling or wanting to cry. Don't hold it back, let it live and escape. It is part of you and hiding it, blocking it, goes against the work to be done and possibly the desired result. By releasing this emotion, you release yourself from it.

When your pain increases or shifts during or after the session, it is because the work is effective and the pain is surfacing to then be eliminated.

After the session

There may be some, but not always, it depends on each person.


These effects occur depending on the cause relieved, your physical constitution and your energy state. They are not unwanted or harmful, far from it. They participate in the restoration of metabolic balance.


At the end of the session, there is a strong feeling of freshness or shivers, right down to the inside of the body, often even from head to toe. It's never unpleasant.

For 1 to 48 hours (72 hours sometimes), you may feel tired or very relaxed, have a lot of vitality or, on the contrary, be downcast, sad without knowing why. You may also sleep very soundly at night or have trouble falling asleep. Pains can wake up.

You don't have to worry about these "signs". They are part of the healing process and are temporary. The secondary effects of energetic magnetism are only the manifestation of the positive rebalancing of the organism.

In any case, thefinal resultswill stabilize in aperiod ranging from 24 to 48 hours, and may even, in some people,take 15 days to 3 weeks.


Occasionally,1 to 2 additional sessionsare necessary because the body needs more time and help to observe a complete rebalancing.

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