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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Qu'est-ce qu'un passeur d'âmes ?
Le rôle du passeur d'âmes

What is a soul ferryman? 

They are beings who belong to the soul family of the ferrymen. The ferryman came to earth, to help the souls to pass the different vibratory levels of an earthly condition towards the water beyond. But that's far from their only service.

The role of the soul ferryman

Their role is to facilitate changes,the passages of a soul during its life. Here are the most famous passages:

  • at the time of birth

  • the transition from childhood to adolescence

  • transition from adolescence to adulthood

  • the passage of end of life, death

  • the passage in the different astral planes

Right now, there are a lot of movers in action, as the Earth is in a vibrational shift. The presence of the ferrymen facilitates the change of the vibratory rate of the beings inhabiting the planet Earth.

Many people are unaware of being smugglers, which does not prevent them from fulfilling their role. Here issome examples of jobs where smugglers have their place (non-exhaustive list):

  • midwife

  • guidance counselor

  • coach

  • mediator

  • friend: you think of a friend you haven't seen in a while and call her. In the conversation, you realize that she is in a drastic change in her life.

I think that with these examples you understand better the role and the moment of action of the passers.

téléchargement (22).jpg
A very clear incarnation contract!

They are here to transmit the light around them, by providing care to others through traditional medicine, energy care, natural care or by using certain mediumistic capacities, clairvoyance.

Qui sont les passeurs d'âmes ?

Who are they ?

The smugglers are constantly in touch withthe invisible worldsand this can sometimes be disturbing, both for themselves and for those around them. This ability also allows them to act indifferent karmic dimensions(commonly referred to as past lives). They are like a beacon that helps to take a direction by their mere presence.​

They also dispense their spiritual teachings to others, bringing themsupport, personalized guidance.

They aspire to awaken consciences and especially that each individual integrates in his life, the spiritual dimension of his being.

The ferryman of souls finds it difficult to incarnate in this physical world which always seems to them too narrow and sometimes so futile.

Most people regard smugglers as "crazy", "enlightened" or even "mystical", which generally earns them poor recognition. 

clouds-808749_1920 (1).jpg

How to recognize a ferryman of souls?

He just needs to be. The more it is centered, anchored and in the consciousness of the heart, the more its action is simple and powerful. 

When a person is aware that he is a ferryman, it seems important to me to set limits so as not to be constantly solicited by souls asking for passage.

By intention, define the times when he chooses to be in the service of soul ferryman.

If the setter does not define his limits,   he can find himself in action 24 hours a day. After a while, he may be very tired and no longer have enough energy to fulfill his role. Or even fall ill or be completely squatted by a whole bunch of wandering souls.

The common traits of the setter:

  • Presence of being in the heart, unfailing positivity,

  • Empathetic listening,kindness,

  • Respect for free will,

  • Intuition,mediumship,

  • Healing Abilities, 

  • Teaching and knowledge transfer skills...

Comment reconnaitre un passeur d'âmes ?

The passage of an embodied soul


Soul smugglers are also present when life spreads and changes state, especially during:

  • changes in personal and professional life,

  • love life changes, 

  • when moving,

  • when expressing aspiritual openness,

  • of questioning,

  • of the'accompaniment of the deceased

Le passage d'âme incarnée

How to help yourself and your loved ones in the passages of life and the ultimate transition?

  • All life is a passage and in the experience of any passage there is movement and transitions.

  • Transitions are calls from our soul that encourage us to evolve, to regain momentum by modifying our vision to get out of limiting patterns.

  • These initiatory passages from one state of consciousness to another push us to detach ourselves in order to live life fully and prepare ourselves for the next life.

Comment s'aider et aider ses proches dans les passages de la vie...

The expression of a spiritual openness:

  • Discovery of a part of oneself, unknown until then.

  • The person thus accesses a higher vibration, allowing him to move to a higher spiritual level.

  • We meet these people during synchronicities. That is to say that you meet them at the right time and in the right place, with an important message to convey to you.

  • The job of the soul smuggler is to provide you with personalized support and often guidance.


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téléchargement (20).jpg
Accompagnement des défunts

Accompaniment of the deceased


This is the most common case followed by soul smugglers.

Before doing anything, it is important to check if the deceased is ready to come back into the light. It often happens that a deceased still has things to do before leaving or to experience in the dimension where he is, or that the soul simply does not wish to leave. One of the traps of the smugglers would be to want to save everyone.

If permission is given to help this soul, then the job can begin. This process takes place in many stages:

  • Recognize the being by greeting it

  • Accompany him to unload emotionally.

  • Reassure him by explaining what will happen.

  • Then invite him to follow the beings of light.

  • Check that the transition has been made from one dimension to another

  • Thank the soul of the deceased and the beings of light who participated in the passage

If there is ablocking during the process,  l'intuition and / or mediumship will be of great help to resolve the blockage.

Blockages can have several origins; here are a few :

  • A living person does not want the deceased to leave.

  • The deceased wants to stay with a living person.

  • The deceased does not know that he is dead. (case of brutal accidents, for example)

  • The deceased does not see the light (this is the case after a highly medicated death, cancer, AIDS, … this creates a gray layer in the aura which can prevent seeing the light).

  • A karmic memory must be cleared before passing.

  • The deceased needs to say something to a living person. (often it's a simple and powerful "I love you")


1. Accompaniment of the dying

When you are at the bedside of a dying person, always emphasize what they have accomplished and achieved. Help her feel as positive and satisfied with her life as possible. Focus on his strengths, not his weaknesses.
A person approaching death is often extremely vulnerable to guilt, regret and depression. Allow her to express them freely, listen to her and let her feel that you care about her words.

To the man who cried, "Do you think God will ever forgive me my sins?" I would answer this: "forgiveness is already in the nature of God" To err is human, and forgiveness divine.
But: Can you truly forgive yourself? this is the real question!!!
You can be of invaluable help to a person who has come to the end of his life, if you allow him to consider the approach of death as a time for reconciliation and assessment.


Encourage her to reconcile with her friends and relatives, and to purify her heart of any trace of hatred or resentment.

2. Why do some deceased not ascend into the light?

Because some people have not accepted their own death, I happen to meet spirits who continue like in a movie their endless life, even if they realize that there are bugs at times.

Others because they have a message or help to bring to their loved ones.

Then again, the deceased have such a strong bond with a loved one that they don't want to leave.

3. Why do they need mediums or smugglers?

When a person dies, he finds himself in the astral, an intermediate plane to ours. Ascending into the light means passing from one level to another. From a low dimension to a high dimension. Through their attachments to the earth plane, their unresolved emotions, the deceased may need the intermediary of a medium.

Mediums are people who have a vibratory rate that allows them to communicate in these different dimensions, and thus make them evolve from one plane to another. They are the intermediaries, the smugglers.

4. Should we protect ourselves?

All mediums are very surrounded by guides, if a medium uses love as a means to help lift souls, he does not need any protection.

However, we find it difficult to stay in this feeling, we can call on the angels and the archangels, including Saint Michael or the Archangel Michael.

You can visualize a bubble of energy all around you protecting you.

But know that if you have picked up low energies on you or within you, it echoes with your own unresolved emotions and wounds. It is a law of attraction that operates, if you are in love and you have high thoughts such as optimism, confidence, faith your vibratory rate is so high that you are unreachable by the lower astral.

5. How to raise spirits into the light?

It is within you, thanks to your vibratory rate, you are the link between the deceased and the beings of light who welcome them. To help you, you have the visualization as a tool, you can imagine a staircase, a column of light by which they go up, an elevator etc.

Leave yourself to your feelings and imagination, you will visualize how to raise them. Address the beings of light so that they help you and accompany you.

6. What if a spirit does not wish to ascend into the light?

You need to talk to him, explain to him that he will be much happier in the light, moreover in this new plan, he will be able to really help those who love him, he does not leave them. On the contrary, when they are sad, they radiate it on those close to them.

Sometimes a relative or angels come to help him ascend.


7. Why do I feel sadness or pain? Is it bad?

It very often happens that we feel sadness and we imagine that it can be a so-called "evil" spirit, yet it is very often the deceased who feels this sadness and it is not he who sends it to us. , but we who feel it out of empathy, by helping it with love, it will disappear.

Source: Emmanuel FERRAND

téléchargement (21).jpg



There is no universal method to allow a soul to pass from one dimension to another. 

Each soul smuggler develops his own methodology, according to his experience, his feelings and the souls he meets.

It is a spiritual accompaniment to free the soul from the reasons that block it in this dimension. The ferryman transforms, transmutes, alchimises energies. 

The soul ferryman uses different tools:

  • Prayer (religious or affirmation of protection),

  • Intuition,

  • The discussion, 

  • Visualization (creation of a tunnel of light),

  • Specific intentions (sends love, peace, benevolence),

  • Forgiveness rituals and protocols,

  • seals,

  • Dowsing with the pendulum...

Rate :

Soul pass:

  • From a distance(on photo): 55€/session

  • Live, at the person's bedside*: €75 + fextra travel costs*

Cleansing entities on the body, releasing entities(Deworming treatment + energy treatment)

  • From a distance(on photo): 75€/session/person

  • In the office:85€/session/person

  • Live at home*:  From €85/session/person  + fextra travel costs*.


*Out of practice :

The mileage costs are included within a perimeter of 15 kilometers around my practice. Above :

  • 16km to 29km, add 15€.  

  • Between 30 km and 50 km, add €35.   

  • Beyond that, ask for a quote. 

Calculated from Vouneuil Sur Vienne to the meeting place (Round trip).

​ A quote will be sent to you for prior agreement to be returned to me dated and signed.

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The passage of a disembodied soul

Carrying out a disembodied soul passage amounts to helping it to pass from an earthly dimension  to a spiritual dimension.

It happens that a soul remains attached to the terrestrial dimension if it does not have the strength, nor even the conscience or the will to leave it. There are several reasons: 

  • An addiction,

  • A violent death

  • deep sorrow,

  • materialistic tendencies,

  • A feeling of great guilt,

  • An indissoluble anger...

The soul ferryman has the ability to sense if a soul is still in the earthly dimension or if it is in the spiritual dimension.

He also has the ability to feel if there is any blockage at a certain level and the ability to get in touch with her to help her on her way from the earthly dimension to the spiritual one.

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The different families of souls 

You will find different versions of the existing soul families on the internet. Here are some families:

  • The family of masters

  • The Family of Healers

  • The Fairy Alchemist Family

  • The teachers' family

  • The Family of Healing Warriors

  • The shaman family

  • The family of visionaries

  • The family of the wise

  • The family of peacemakers

  • The smugglers family


A point that I have regularly come across on the web is the fact that we belong to a single family and that we cannot change it during our incarnation.

I do not yet feel in phase with this vision, it does not resonate with me. Several families talk to me even though I feel fully in my place with the smugglers.

From my point of view, it doesn't matter who has the truth about the different families that exist. It seems more interesting to me to see which families you feel you resonate with.

If this information makes sense to your soul and allows you to know yourself better and be more joyful, then keep it and deepen your inner truth of who you really are.

Le passage d'une âme désincarnée
Les différentes familles d'âmes

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Just as it is possible to practice one's mediumship and magnetism from a distance, it is possible toaccompany wandering souls "at a distance" towards the light, that is to say without being located in the place of wandering of the soul.


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