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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Support for personal development and
spiritual guidance

Life is far from being a long calm river. With its ups and downs, its upheavals, its revelations and for some, its important questionings, it is part of a perpetual movement punctuated by both pleasant and unpleasant moments.

More and more people are seeing their outlook on the world change, their way of being, thinking and acting mutating, their sensitivity developing and opening up to a new form of consciousness.

Whether it happens more or less suddenly, whether it is more or less unpleasant, whether or not it is linked to an identified event, some people can feel this change within themselves by listening to everything that is happening in their body.

This ranges, for some, from simple questioning about their work, their couple, their lifestyle, their way of being in the world... to depression, burn-out or rising feelings. childhood emotions, for others.

It can also be physical pain that conventional medicine does not explain, feelings of shifts, loss of meaning...

What we call today the awakening of conscience pushes us to enter into introspection, to listen to what is happening inside ourselves and to reconnect to our essence (which can also be called intuition , soul, being, heart, Higher Self).


Why be accompanied by a therapist?

To be in harmony with yourself, to honor the person you are in your entirety, to stop suffering, to be happy by yourselves, to live in vibrations of love...

In this quest for “who? Where ? How? 'Or' What ? Why ? it is natural to need a guide. From a person who has already experienced these upheavals, these states of being and who can be a scout in this quest for Self-knowledge.

For behind the gates of Self-knowledge there is Self-love, unity, balance and unconditional love for all around us.

Knowing yourself, fully accepting yourself, taking care of yourself, being in tune with yourself, revealing your talents, listening to your needs, being in your place, honoring yourself, revealing yourself, fulfilling yourself... will allow you to develop confidence, esteem, compassion and all the gifts you need to open up to the world.

The work starts with youto then naturally benefit everyone around you. Answers and solutions come from within, not from without.

Accompaniment is a commitment to change that you make with yourself, in order to overcome a blocking situation and move towards better being.

Pourquoi être accompagné par un thérapeute ?
Choose a therapist

If you are wondering how to choose a therapist, know that the answer is in you!
Trust yourself, listen to your intuition because it knows what is good for you.
Take a deep breath, come back inside yourself and observe.
See if it just appeals to you.
It is for the heart to respond, not for the mind.
Looking forward to lighting your way!

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Support themes

There are naturally bridges between the themes. Sometimes a person searches for his individual identity and gradually questions his professional choices and then becomes interested in his life mission. All the themes can be approached within the framework of an accompaniment.

personal development

Wikipedia tells us: "personal developmentis a heterogeneous set of practices, belonging to various currents of thought, which aim to improve self-knowledge, enhance talents and potential, improve the quality of personal life, achieve one's aspirations and of his dreams. »

I think that's a great definition of personal development. Indeed, the idea is to take charge of your relationship with yourself and understand all the ins and outs in order to become aware of who you are so that you can then know where you are going, why and how.

This support is perfect for people who are said to be hypersensitive or who have difficulty managing their emotions. It is an accompaniment that will lead the person to discover many tools, advice and even tricks to gradually move towards better being. The idea is not to change or be different, but to be aware of who you are when masks, beliefs, thought patterns, fears and wounds are deconstructed.

Become the conscious creator of your life and understand that the most important person is you!

Le développement personnel
spiritual guidance

For some people, behind the work of introspection hide more mystical notions. Many feel connected to the energies that surround us or at least say they are intrigued by the invisible, extra-sensory abilities, guides… Some were already connected as a child or have children who perceive things.

Often, these people will feel different, sometimes older than their age, connected or even "perched" for those around them.
These people will seek deeper meaning in their lives, answers about their role here below, their soul mission and life path.


Spiritual guidance is a form of accompaniment dedicated to those people who have sometimes already started the work of personal development and/or professional change and who wish to be accompanied during their ascent, their awakening, their rise in vibration.

Let's get the love vibes you need!

La guidance spirituelle

What is spiritual guidance?


  • Guidance  is emotional and energetic listening.


  • Guidanceallows you to understand and illuminate your life from other angles. The therapist accompanies you in your research and your journey.

  • guidance  is practiced through discussion or active listening between the therapist and the consultant for awareness.

How are the sessions going?

If you find yourself in these lines, if it resonates or calls you, it means that we may have a long way to go together.

Find out how support sessions can take place in the office or remotely from your home via Skype or WhatsApp.

Support for personal development and spiritual guidance 

A minimum of 5 hours of support is required for this to be relevant.

The session formatINDIVIDUALis to be defined together according to your preferences:

  • 1/2 hour session:35 €

  • 1 hour session (the most popular):60 €

  • 2 hour session:100 €


The frequency is also to be defined together:

  • A sessionper week

  • A sessionevery two weeks(most popular)

  • A sessionper month


The sessionstake place in the office orremotely via Skype, WhatsApp, etc. in videoconference.

The session formatBAND

Mini 3 people - Max 10 people

See + Workshop

Guidance is also carried out usingoracle cards.

Learn more

Need a feeling on a photo.

Learn more

Access to self-knowledge to achieve self-love

Some people choose the accompaniment after having come for an energy treatment.

We then already met, discussed and you made the choice to be guided, advised and accompanied in a work of personal development, professional change and/or spiritual awakening.

Other people already know that accompaniment is what they need because it calls them.

They identified their wish to want to be better in their life, to be in harmony with themselves, to engage in a work of introspection and self-knowledge.

Connaissance de soi

How are the support sessions in personal development and spiritual guidance organized?

We start by defining your wishes, your wishes in relation to this support.

What issues would you like to address? On what subjects would you like to advance, be enlightened, accompanied?

Then, we define together the support format you want.

With a minimum of 5 hours, and without limit, this can be organized for example:

  • In sessions of 1 hour, i.e. 5 sessions minimum spaced one to two weeks apart

  • In sessions of 1/2 hour, i.e. 10 sessions minimum spaced one to two weeks apart

  • In sessions of 2 hours, i.e. 2 sessions of 2 hours and 1 session of 1 hour minimum spaced one to two weeks apart

Each session is orchestrated according to your progress, your experience since the last session, what you want to share.

I welcome anything you want or don't want to share with kindness and without judgment and accompany it with appropriate tools, advice, methods and exercises.

Often at the end of the session, I give you recommendations on what to do beyond (read a book, watch a video, work on a meditation or a visualization, write, dance, sing, draw…) ; everything that seems to me judicious and appropriate in your approach and in agreement with you.

The currents of thought, my references are diverse, varied and evolving. From psychology to spiritual references, the insights are to be taken where they resonate with everyone.

Many of them "speak" to me: the humanistic psychology of Carl Rogers, non-violent communication, the Toltec Accords of Don Miguel Ruiz, the works of Lise BOURBEAU, transactional analysis, the laws of the universe, enneagram, Carl JUNG, Rudolph STEINER, Eckhart TOLLE, Serge BOUTBOUL, Jeanne SIAUD FACCHIN and Elain ARON for their approach to hypersensitivity and high potential, the wisdom of EINSTEIN, Pierre RABHI and many ancient and modern thinkers .

During the last session, we take time to take stock of the support in order to see what it has brought you.

You can then determine if you would like to be accompanied more, if you think that we still have things to discuss beyond the 5 hour minimum.

The accompaniment can be carried out in the office or remotely from your home via WhatsApp or Skype.
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Comment se déroulent les séances ?


concerned public

Accompaniment is possible foradults and teenagers. It is suitable for adolescents in search of identity who wish to gain confidence and share their hypersensitivity (even their atypical personality, high potential, autism, etc.).


The accompaniment essentially makes it possible to work on the management of emotions, the relationship to oneself and to others, confidence and self-esteem, the management of stress and fatigue, the management of sensitivity, the place in the world, the approach of atypical personalities.

The therapist is a facilitator, not a savior, nor a magician.

The accompaniment is carried out in all benevolence and without judgement. I am not here to push you to do, say or think differently. I am here to help you to welcome who you are without judgment or guilt, to become aware of all that surrounds your life and to free you from all that blocks you in your personal and/or spiritual journey. You remain the actor, the director and the spectator of your life. Only you have the ability to create what you want.

Choice of therapist

The choice of therapist is important because their energy and yours will communicate. Also, listen to your intuition as to the choice of the therapist who accompanies you. When the appointment is made by telephone, it allows you to have a first exchange and to see what you feel.

A Noter


Any practice must be accompanied by clear and consistent ethics. LEARN MORE

The use of the care of a holistic therapist should not, in any case, lead to the abandonment or modification of the medical treatment in progress, even if one notes an improvement during or after the accompaniment...

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