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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Personalized support to help you better live your treatments thanks to magnetism, energy care and psycho-energy.

You are not alone, I am here to accompany you.


Magnetism and energy healing can support youin your care journey.

Find out how!

Going through an ordeal of this magnitude alone is not easy.

The course of care, even if it is clear and marked out remains trying.

The treatments are heavy and exhausting for the body and the mind.

The undesirable effects that they cause come to use the moral as the reserves of the organization.

More and more patients then turn to natural and/or energetic therapies, and magnetism to reduce the undesirable effects of treatments.

Therapeutic support

Understanding and settling what prevents you from moving forward on the path to healing, such as emotional shocks for example, increases our body's ability to fight effectively...

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Preparation for surgery

An energetic preparation of the body for an operation will provide you with significant support in order to live it more serenely and to minimize the possible negative effects on the body...

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Treatment support

Being accompanied energetically and psychologically during treatments provides important support on a daily basis. In addition to helping you better cope with the side effects of treatments...

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Examples of application of care

  • Radiation burn

  • Inflammation

  • Diarrhea, vomiting

  • Taste in the mouth

  • Muscle fatigue

  • Headache ...

These treatments can also be performed

from a distance,phone or video.


  • Relieve pain

  • Relieve and reduce the undesirable effects of treatments (nausea, vomiting, migraines, pain, burns, etc.)

  • Prepare the body for surgical procedures (pain reduction, healing, etc.)

  • Preparing the body to receive heavy treatments

  • Cleanse the body after treatment

  • Soothe the parts of the body targeted by the treatments

  • Support treatments

  • Support the organism, the body and the spirit in order to optimize the response to treatments

  • Support the mind and morale during the treatment period

  • Decode the environmental, emotional, energetic or spiritual causes of illness in order to understand the illness and effect the life or thought changes that will support the healing process

How is the support going?

The accompaniment makes it possible to reduce the negative effects of the treatments, to help the body to regulate itself and to optimize the evacuation of toxins.

Energy healing  help the body to strengthen itself and regain balance and energy. They also support the body by stimulating its defenses and help to better live the treatments as well as the care protocol.

Psycho-energetic supportallows you to decode the emotional, energetic and spiritual causes of your cancer. The goal is to understand why you triggered your illness in order to change the parameters (food, thought system, attitude, environment, etc.) that favored its development.

This reduces the “physiological stress” helping the body to regain certain reserves and to mobilize more effectively to fight against the disease (effective for all other pathologies).

The support is adapted to your needs and to the changes in protocol proposed by your oncologist. I help you understand your care journey.



Find out below, in detail, how I can support you in the ordeal you are going through. Discover how energy care, magnetism and psycho-energetic support can support you on the psychological, physiological, physical, energetic and spiritual levels.

Treatment support


Cancer is a disease that is always dreaded. Fortunately, it is better and better treated by traditional allopathic medicine and patient care is gradually becoming more human.


However, patients still dread the treatments, because their side effects are still heavy and cause a lot of discomfort on a daily basis. Energy care can accompany you to moderate or avoid the inconvenience of heavy treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Accompagnement des traitements
Can magnetism relieve the ills of thechemotherapy ?


Yes of course. There are several kinds ofchemotherapy, but the side effects, which vary in intensity from one person to another, are generally the same and increase as the sessions progress: fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea... Chemotherapy weakens the body, while its active ingredients work to destroy or stop the reproduction of cancer cells.

The role of the magnetizer and energy therapist is then to intervene only on the side effects to best preserve the body, without touching the positive actions of chemotherapy. I can also provide preparatory care for treatment, in order to strengthen your vital energy, protect the organs, and prepare the digestive system to prevent nausea... After a session, I can make sure to cleanse the body of "waste" brought by chemotherapy to keep only the benefits, and I will be able to eliminate heavy metals from the body and strengthen the organism in a global way. Finally, I can also intervene on your emotional state by relieving the anxieties and stress related to the days of treatment.

It has been proven that people accompanied by a magnetizer or energy specialist are more resistant to the side effects of chemotherapy, feel less fatigue, anxiety or inconvenience of any kind. The chemotherapy takes care of the cancer while the magnetizer takes care of preserving your general balance.

​ Is magnetism effective in relieving pain in theradiotherapy ?


Yes, it is even indicated.Radiation therapy  is intended to destroy cancer cells, especially those that have not been removed by surgery or chemotherapy. The treatment is very precise, but it is inevitable to see healthy cells affected by the rays, thus causing superficial or deep burns, as well as "collateral" damage to other organs or parts of the body. Magnetism will help heal burned tissue, strengthen the epidermis, but also prevent and heal other internal and external damage, eliminate radioactivity while generally supporting the body in the face of an often sustained and tiring treatment rate. Magnetism therefore promotes recovery by preventing the patient from the risk of so-called "late" side effects such as edema, inflammation or  couperoses which can occur several months after the end of the rays.

​How many sessions are necessary to accompany chemotherapy or radiotherapy?


This is to be seen individually during our preliminary interview. It is in any case very beneficial to begin energy work before the first session of chemotherapy or rays, in order to prepare the body, then to be monitored very regularly. Throughout the duration of your treatment, I am there to support you and modulate the sessions according to your needs. This work is done as well remotely by phone than in the office. You can therefore receive your care quietly from your home or from your place of hospitalization.

Did you know ?

Magnetism is finally developing in hospitals! At the request of doctors and patients, more and more hospitals are calling on magnetizers to accompany patients during surgery and treatment.

Preparation for surgery

The first phase of cancer treatment often involves surgery to remove tumors and tissue affected by cancer cells.

It is also possible that a small intervention of installation of "implantable chamber" proves to be essential for a subsequent chemotherapy treatment.


What are the effects of magnetism treatment on surgery?


The treatment will allow the body to be ready for the operation: alleviation of anxieties, well-being, receptivity of the skin, organs... But above all it will allow effective pain relief after the operation, elimination of anesthetic products , good healing and better recovery.

Préparation de la chirurgie

Therapeutic support


For greater efficiency, cancer treatment must be comprehensive and your energy specialist can provide you with complete therapeutic support.

Accompagnement thérapeutique
What is energy support for?


Cancer is a cell degeneration disease, of which we know several possible origins: hereditary background, living conditions and lifestyle, prolonged exposure to certain products (tobacco, environmental pollution, chemicals), emotional shocks, etc.

A cancer cannot be "catch", it develops by feeding on a negative ground which serves as its breeding ground.

In the same way that some doctors recommend a suitable diet to no longer “feed” the cancer, the energy specialist works on the hereditary, emotional or other terrain to no longer “feed” it.

Magnetism makes it possible to clean the cells, to clarify a hereditary ground, to clean the memory of the organs or even to detect and clean the conscious and unconscious emotional states at the origin of the disease.

This therapy is recommended to promote the effectiveness of treatments but also to prevent recurrences.

Who is the   energy support for?


This support is intended for anyone with cancer because the more comprehensive the management of the disease, the more healing is promoted. It is aimed in particular at people who think that illness is a symptom and that it is important to find its origin, to clean up certain physical and/or emotional memories. This therapy concerns all people who share the idea that healing requires significant involvement on the part of the patient, sometimes even leading to a work of self-reflection. The patient is an actor in his healing and the energy therapist is there to support and facilitate this work of involvement.

Can Magnetism and energy therapies cure cancer?


Energy therapies adopt the same positioning as classical medicine. Namely, a guarantee of the quality of care, but in no case a cure. Healing cancer is a complex process, bringing together a set of factors specific to each person.

As an energy therapist, I will never ask you to stop or modify your allopathic follow-up and will provide you with the best possible service, according to my knowledge, abilities and ethics.(link to the “about” section for ethics).

Why favor support in the form of a PACKAGE?

Treatments are often stressful and the time you have to rest should be free of any extra steps.


In addition, for effective support, especially at the start of treatment, it is advisable to prepare the body before each chemotherapy session and to clean it once the session is over. For some chemotherapy protocols, it is therefore necessary to perform several treatments per week. 

If we do the preparations and cleanings at the session, the cost can quickly become high.


The fixed price thus allows, initially to free the spirit: indeed, your sessions being regulated in advance and for a good moment, you do not have any more to think about it. You can focus on our work and on yourself. 


It also allows you to benefit from a significant reduction on the sessions, and also from telephone support, SMS or via WhatsApp.


  • Frees your mind without having to think about the rules of your sessions

  • Benefit from a nice reduction on the price of the sessions

  • Focus on your care

  • You   refocus and focus on your journey to remission

  • Work on the origins (emotional, energetic & spiritual) of your illness in order to better understand it and make the life changes that will support your journey

  • Benefit from full support with follow-up.


Do you want information?

Feel free to Contact me

What happens during a session ?


The treatment support sessions are punctuated by your treatment path. We will therefore make the appointments according to your chemotherapy or radiotherapy sessions.

For greater clarity and comfort, I then suggest2 tariffs.


  • In the office, 1st re-harmonization and preparation session before treatment begins, 2nd session mid-treatment, 3rd session at the end of the protocol.

  • Also possible home, at mid-treatment.

  • From a distance, one session each treatment day

Number of session(s):  According to medical protocol

  1. PRICE per session 


  • Session of approximately 30 minutes (A session may include cleaning and preparation). 

Reharmonization and preparation session

  • Adult: 45 €/session

  • Punemployed person:40€/session

  • Child :40€/session

Intermediate session 

  • Adult: 40 €/week

  • Punemployed person:38€/week

  • Child :38€/week



2. Price of the accompanying PACKAGE


  • Session of approximately 30 minutes

  • 10 Sessionsfor 350€ (i.e. 35€/session)

  • Adult: 350€

  • Punemployed person:290€

  • Child :290€

*Example pour 6 week protocol :

  • 3 full sessions (45€/session) and

  • 6 weeks of treatments (including one remote session for each day of treatment) (40€/week)

Find out more about the plan



Any practice must be accompanied by clear and consistent ethics. LEARN MORE

The use of the care of a holistic therapist should not, in any case, lead to the abandonment or modification of the medical treatment in progress, even if one notes an improvement during or after the accompaniment...

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