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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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The work of a magnetizer is not only to intervene on health problems…


With confidence, you can call on his help in the difficult situations of your life, to resolve a situation, to solve a problem; answer your questions or give you the necessary impetus for success.

The protection of the person is a shield that provides long-lasting protection against any external aggression.

For this, the protection of the person by magnetism must be carried out individually.

Protection of person and place 

There are several kinds of protection by magnetism but in general, this one is targeted.
For example, some people, because of their sensitivity, absorb a lot of negative things that handicap them in their daily lives, both emotionally and physically.

These negative energies act as either a creator or an amplifier of problems.
The protection shield of the person erected by the magnetizer is valid to protect you from electromagnetic waves coming from the ground or from certain devices.

This natural screen is also very precious and useful to protect you from attacks from occult practices (black magic, voodoo, etc.) or others.
The shield of protection by magnetism operates effectively in the field of luck, because it repels the obstacles that prevent projects from succeeding, and thus from moving forward in life. We cannot draw up a detailed list of the existing personal protections, because they are too numerous, since they can concern professional activity, businesses, housing, land.


What happens during a session ?

To facilitate my intervention, please provide me with:

1. A letter or e-mail explaining your request in detail.
2. Photos and/or necessary information (names of people or places, dates of birth, all the details you think are important.)
3. Payment is to be made at the same time as the request and will validate the service.


The placement of this protective shield is targeted and has no time limit. Time having no impact on its effectiveness, you will be protected over the long term.


Package:75 €. You benefit from this protection and you will not be asked for any additional cost for the domain concerned.during 2 months.

Procedure of an intervention
1. First contact, through which you define your request.
2. You provide me with various documents (photos)
3. I offer you an estimate for the intervention.
4. The quote accepted, I intervene remotely
5. If I deem it necessary, I send you recommendations before my intervention.

If you have any questions within 2 months, send me a message, I will answer them as best I can.

Protection des personnes et des lieux
Déroulement d'une séance

What is psychic protection?

But first, why would you need psychic protection? Psychic attacks are more common than you might think. They take place all the time.
Human beings are born with a natural defense against psychic attacks, a kind of spiritual immune system which would normally protect them from psychic attacks.

But sometimes this system will be strained due to psychic attacks, traumas, diseases or any other negative element that will impact this spiritual immune system.
When this happens, the human being will become vulnerable to psychic attacks, much more vulnerable than usual.

We speak of a psychic attack when someone harms another person on a spiritual level, using psychic energy, whether it is intentional or not.

Qu'est-ce-que la protection psychique ?

There are three main types of attacks:

  • The psychic assault.

We speak of psychic assault when someone attacks the energy field of another person with a negative intention. For example, sending hate to someone or wishing someone down.

  • Vampirism 

Vampirism is committed by a person tapping into another person's energy field.
Vampirism can be practiced consciously and done with bad intention, or it can be done quite unconsciously, without any bad intention. Unconscious vampirism is very common.

As for me, I have a powerful energetic radiation and when I am in public, I very often become the victim of involuntary energetic vampirism.

  • How is it possible ?

This happens at the level of the subconscious of human beings whose auric fields are brought into contact. When the subconscious of a human being weakened at the psychic or physical level is put in the presence of another human being who has a good reserve of energy, it draws on the energy reserve of the one who is doing well. It is a totally unconscious phenomenon but which is very disturbing for people who, like me, are hyper sensitive at the energy level.

  • Psychic Contamination

Psychic contamination occurs when a vulnerable energy system is exposed to negative energy.

  • What is a vulnerable energy system?

You… Me… when we are out of shape, sad, stressed, etc.

  • What is negative energy?

VSach living being evolving on the Earth is constantly carrying entities. There are good ones but there are also bad ones.

  • Where do these evil entities come from?

People and places that we frequent: hospitals, mortuaries, cemeteries, when we touch black magic or witchcraft, when we call on spirits through the Ouija board, etc. So it can happen that your colleagues, friends, family members or other people you meet regularly are carriers of negative entities without their knowledge.

  • How will you find out?

Suddenly and for no apparent reason, you will be irritated by this person; you will run away from her presence, get angry with her, behave in a rejection way, get defensive, etc.

Comment faire pour se protéger psychiquement ?
maux de tête

Attacks can wreak havoc and can cause, among other things:

  • Of depression,

  • anxiety,

  • various diseases,

  • A lack of luck,

  • Accidents,

  • job loss,

  • Financial problems...


How to protect yourself mentally?

You will begin first by centering yourself, anchoring yourself and then you will complete the procedure with psychic protection.

At first, it will take you a few minutes, but when you get used to it, you'll do it in three seconds or less.

Don't fixate on it either because you will attract fear which will feed evil and you will never get out of it.


I refuse any request whose purpose is to cause harm to others, as well as any request going against free will.

My way of proceeding is part of the continuity of my work, because putting my gifts at the service of those who wish it is not only part of health, but also part of daily life.
Of course, I cannot guarantee you a positive result (at least not always in the sense that you mean it); however, I guarantee you my seriousness in the implementation of the work necessary for the realization of your request.

I am not a marabout!


I can't, either,  force a person to come back to you, if they don't want to. Each person makes their own choices. It's called free will.

Active protection against:

  • Psychic forces (jealousy, revenge, hatred, desire for control, etc.)

  • Brainwashing (harassment, negative conditioning, manipulation…)

  • Spirits of the deceased (family, relatives, friends, etc.) 

  • Lost Souls (Wandering Souls)

  • Negative (non-human) entities, etc.

Symptômes et signes d'un parasitage

Symptoms and signs of interference

  • When everything starts to go wrong

  • When there is "breakage" (electrical, electronic devices, vehicle...)

  • When you feel like you're losing more and more control

  • When your life isn't getting better, no matter how hard you try

  • When bad luck repeats itself

  • When you are more and more isolated

  • When your projects have trouble coming to fruition

  • When there is a lack of synchronicity in your life, when events do not follow one another, when Momentum is never good, when nothing happens at the right time

  • When the future is getting darker and darker

  • When the solutions run out one by one

  • When negative emotions get on you, crises break out

  • When your decisions are always the wrong ones

  • When you have stinging sensations on the body, even burning sensations; feelings of suffocation, the impression of weight on the shoulders...

Interference can affect all spheres of your life: energy, projects, loves, feelings, friendships, working relationships, work, finances...

Before considering protection,
surely you need a purification.

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Any practice must be accompanied by clear and consistent ethics...LEARN MORE

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