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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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These are supports whose material is perfectly impregnated with the magnetic fluid of the magnetizer, in order to relieve your pain in a gentle and natural way. 


These mounts are able to effectively absorb magnetism and retransmit it to you. They are accumulators of energy which diffuse on the parts of your body the vibrations of desired improvements. They have the advantage of continuing the therapeutic action of your magnetizer even between 2 sessions, with a view to faster and continuous improvement.


All you have to do is place them on your body, on your skin, at the place of your pain, in your pocket or at the recommended place indicated by your magnetizer.

These therapeutic supports, impregnated with the magnetic fluid of the magnetizer can have positive "preventive and curative" effects, on the physical, physiological, mental state and on the balance of your body in general. They can considerably improve your sufferings and your health concerns, different depending on your pathologies.
Duration of use :

The magnetism-infused fluid   is active for 8-10 days.

  • Holders can only have one use per person.

  • They can only be used once. 

  • The recommended cure is 3 to 4 weeks

Note :4 to 5 units = 1 cure


Some magnetized supports can also be used for energy cleaning, release of negative waves, protection against negative actions, purification and protection (on people, animals and places of dwellings such as houses, businesses, etc...).

Consult my page "Purification of places and people", toinknow +

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