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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Recall :

The physical body is surrounded by an energy body. It is by controlling or at least by intervening on this energy body that it is possible tobalance vital energyand thus to act on his state of health.

Many methods are capable of intervening on our energy structure, for examplemagnetism ou reiki. The magnetizer has  this ability and he works by bringing his own magnetism (while the reiki master is only a channel pouring out vital energy). The healer magnetizer has a gift that he has developed to increase his strength and its beneficial effects on the health of others. To do this, a healer magnetizer uses his magnetism,  sometimes prayer, but also other techniques such as dowsing.

What is dowsing?

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Dowsing is an ability  to capture radiation, that is to say electromagnetic or geobiological waves for example.

It is notably thanks to these waves that the dowser manages to irrationally detect a water source. 

But the dowser also has the power to perceive the energy waves of an individual which allows him to carry out an assessment  of his state of health. He does not have the ability to see theenergy bodiesor the chakras, but only to perceive the energy level.

Thanks to this assessment, the magnetizing dowser is able to propose a therapeutic solution by infusing his magnetism on the suffering area. We call thisIhasdowsing medical. To make his action even more effective, he sometimes uses prayer and can also offer support to continue the treatment at home. This support can for example take the form of a magnetized cotton to be applied to the area or to be worn. This support is not an amulet, but a means of daily diffusion of magnetism in an almost homeopathic dose. 

Dowsing is also known to be used in the search for a lost object or a missing person. In this case, the dowser uses the pendulum, which he moves on a map representing the territory of research until obtain the most precise answer possible. This answer passes by the perception of a radiation answering positively to research.

What is a dowser?

The dowser  develops a form of sensitivity, a subtle ability to guess what ordinary mortals cannot perceive, energetically or intuitively. The dowser carries out an assessment on a state of health (physical, energetic or psychic), but also on the possible discovery of a source if he is a dowser, or makes assumptions (in the context of an object search or a person ). The dowser cansee access to information that remains totally out of reach of traditional means, and as appropriate, make "corrections", or  take the necessary steps to restore harmony and health, to put barriers and protections against malevolence, to unblock situations and solve problems whose origin is often "forgotten" (early childhood, birth, memory of the deceased, memory of the walls, "past lives", hereditary memory, etc...) 


The tools of the dowser


The pendulum  is undoubtedly the best known and most used tool in dowsing.

Its use is simple since all you have to do is ask it a question to get an answer. But beware, the question must be closed in order to obtain a yes or no answer, the only means of communication. 

Another tool also known in particular in the hands of the dowser, it is the famous dowsing rod. This wand is generally made of hazel, a durably flexible wood that promotes good sensations and therefore better reading of the signs.

Some dowsers and dowsers use theLecher's antenna, two metal rods placed in each hand. For the dowser, the goal is to locate the telluric energies and thus to detect the source. For the dowser, the idea is to detect weakened energy zones. This is “easy” since all matter emits vibrations.

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