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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Karmic cleansing is a complete, deep and powerful energy treatment. It frees the various energy structures of the consultant from the impact of multiple wounds and karmic bonds, while suppressing astral parasites.

Our auric structure bears the imprint of wounds and traumas that occurred during our past lives. Face-to-face, or just as well remotely, I locate them, perceive and feel them in the different energy bodies of the people who consult me; then I remove them to promote holistic healing and wellness.

Sometimes they are called astral larvae. Often they tire the person or weaken their general immune system, their life energy.

They are also points and arrows, the ends of which stuck in the mental and the emotional disturb the normal energy circulation of the person, destabilize his thoughts and his emotions, as well as his personal development.

In some cases, these are called astral piles. They then cross through the subtle bodies and are often residues of memories of past lives, or even projections of malevolent thoughts.

I also identify and cut the external and negative energy links that connect the person who consults to other souls or other people. Very often, these useless but vampirizing bonds drain part of the person's energy. Many of these links are karmic links that no longer have a reason to exist and yet disturb the energy functioning of the individual.


What happens during a session ?


As for the energy treatment, I begin the session with a moment of exchange;

then, the energy treatment lasts 40 minutes and ends with a time of "feedback"  during which the patient shares his feelings.

You can close your eyes and sleep or keep your eyes open. You can also talk if you want.


Duration Session about 1h15


Number of session(s):3 to 4

Frequency:Sessions are spaced 21 days apart.

Indicative price:In office or remotely

Adult: €60/prior "anamnesis" session

2nd and 3rd session: 55€

4th session: 50€

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The karmic cleansing of the energy structure is carried out in 4 sessions, because it is an iterative process: it is necessary to make many passes to remove and eradicate all arrows, larvae, stakes and links. A memory presents itself, I treat it as a whole, then take the time to bandage and apply the energy balms necessary for healing... then a new memory comes up, I proceed again in the same way... and so on then, during the 4 sessions, until you feel that the energy structure is healthy and freed from all its karmic parasites.

IIt is therefore rare for a single treatment to release all thememories and karmic wounds.This is why my work protocol includes 4 treatment sessions of approximately one hour each. 

Please note that the energy sessions are carried out under guidance and do not respond to any pre-established protocol, they adapt to your situation, as your guides give us to feel it, it therefore requires trust and letting go on a duration of 3 to 4 months.

This energy work is anything but magic,he can also solicit you in conscience and make you work, where it is necessary to act, on yourinjuries. It does not exempt you from being and acting in your everyday life in accordance with your life challenges and missions, from channeling your energies in the direction required by universal and spiritual laws, especially when you are in the karma of evolution.  


Any practice must be accompanied by clear and consistent ethics. LEARN MORE

The use of the care of a holistic therapist should not, in any case, lead to the abandonment or modification of the medical treatment in progress, even if one notes an improvement during or after the accompaniment...


Recourse to the care of a holistic therapist should not, under any circumstances, lead to the abandonment or modification of the medical treatment in progress, even if an improvement is observed during or after the accompaniment. As such, I am declared and respect a certain code of ethics: I respect professional secrecy.

I do not formulate a diagnosis, do not interrupt any treatment and do not oppose any surgical operation.

I am and I remain a free electron, I do not belong to any religious or sectarian movement.

I respect everyone's traditions and beliefs. Notify me in advance of any medical contraindications.

Many are waiting for the practice of magnetism like le Saviour ! I am notnot MAGICIAN. Magnetism is an aid, an accompaniment, a sharing and a rebalancing of energy, so that its clients can be accomplished. Success depends above all on you.

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A holistic therapist is neither a doctor nor a pharmacist

​ Magnetism is only a complement to traditional medicine and should in no way replace it. ​ The client must consult his doctor and follow his medical treatment.


No obligation of result, but we   are committed to doing our best to help you.

No credit, and no refunds will be given. The client is responsible for his decision to contact me and accepts the warnings andthe general conditions.

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