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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Do you feel exhausted?  You can't take it anymore, everything is "taking your mind"? ...

Well, your brain is in REPEAT mode. You know, the little bike running through your head ! So you need to put your brain on "pause".

What you need is a privileged moment to free up space in your head, in order to change your outlook on life. Because under the influence of our environment and multiple factors, we sometimes compose a life that does not or no longer corresponds to our "inner essence"...

Have you ever felt certain blockages? Those that prevent you from moving forward, from acting or that disturb your conscience, to make the right choice(s)? Or even fears, the origin of which you have never understood and which paralyze your existence?

Experiment, listen to your body, allow yourself to change your mind, let others think what they want... Each treatment allows you to reconnect with your unlimited potential.


It's a real cleaning to free up space in our internal hard drive, and

leave room for an infinite number of possibilities, for intuition, and which of course,bring  positive repercussions on ourpsycho-emotional well-beingand/or physical.

Le Micro-Massage-Crânien

Il restaure le mouvement respiratoire primaire, oscillation omniprésente dans chaque cellule, chaque organe et chaque os du corps : cervicalgies, fatigue nerveuse, déprime +/- installée, manque d'entrain et de motivation, maux de tête chroniques, névralgie de Arnold, manque d'espace...


Cranial magnetism is a technique of laying on of hands (without any physiological manipulation). Its disorder is often a source of stress, agitation, hyper-activity, headaches, etc.


This energy treatment, during which 32 symmetrical points on the skull are gently touched,  brings you deep relaxation. These points forming 16 bars, each correspond to a specific domain and more precisely to cellular memories locked for years.

The activation by the stimulation of these points makes it possible to release / dissolve all the thoughts, ideas, beliefs, emotions stored since the beginning of our life and the generations which precede usnt.

The results vary according to each person such as: regaining vitality, reduction of pain, rebalancing of energies, well-being, joy of living, better digestion, muscle relaxation, etc.

This is a session that:

  • Calms the mind

  • Clarifies ideas

  • Brings immediate deep relaxation

  • Let go...

My treatments are now enriched with cranial micro-massages, particularly suitable for people who are stressed or Burn Out.

  • sleep disorders,

  • the anxiety,

  • the stress,

  • aggressiveness,

  • nervousness,

  • Memory,

  • concentration,

  • etc…

What happens during a session ?


As for the energy treatment, I begin the session with a moment of discussion;

then, the energy treatment lasts 40 minutes and ends with a time of "feedback"  during which the patient shares his feelings.

I put my fingers on each of the points in parallel. It is your body which transmits information to my fingers, via tingling or more or less strong heat, to indicate to me the time necessary to devote to freeing the energies on each point. This is also what determines the duration of the session. The goal, to disconnect your mind and give voice to your body. It shows me where the energies need to be recirculated.

When the points are touched gently, following a well-defined sequence, they release with ease and without effort, all that prevents from RECEIVING. 

You can close your eyes and sleep or keep your eyes open. You can also talk if you want.


After a session, you feel at least as good as after a very good massage, liberated, light-headed... 

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Harde: Global session 1h15

Indicative price: 50€/session

Unemployed person, retired : 45€

Number of session(s):1 to 6

Periodicity: Biannually or quarterly for people at risk. The 2nd session session will always be spaced 21 days from the 1st.

Choisir RUBRIQUE :

Soins énergétiques et spécifiques

This treatment is especially recommended for people on the verge of "Burn-out" and feeling stressed.

For any information, contact me

It is an excellent method of relaxation and letting go, the benefits of which are long-lasting.
It is above all a quick method. One session may be enough to unlock a blockage, old or not... conscious or not.

The benefits

Step back
Let go
Clear Blocks


Burnout – Depression
Stress – Hyperactivity
Nightmares – Insomnia
Addictions – Relationship to food
Weight – School phobia
Mourning – Pain

Does it speak to you?
Contact me to make an appointment!

Who is this for?
energy method?

It is intended for everyone: baby, child, adult, without any contraindication.

It is proven on people who are stressed, depressed or have difficulties such as hyperactivity and mental handicap.

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Contact me

to make an appointment,
to register for training
or to discuss your questions!


Any practice must be accompanied by clear and consistent ethics. LEARN MORE

The use of the care of a holistic therapist should not, in any case, lead to the abandonment or modification of the medical treatment in progress, even if one notes an improvement during or after the accompaniment...


Recourse to the care of a holistic therapist should not, under any circumstances, lead to the abandonment or modification of the medical treatment in progress, even if an improvement is observed during or after the accompaniment. As such, I am declared and respect a certain code of ethics: I respect professional secrecy.

I do not formulate a diagnosis, do not interrupt any treatment and do not oppose any surgical operation.

I am and I remain a free electron, I do not belong to any religious or sectarian movement.

I respect everyone's traditions and beliefs. Notify me in advance of any medical contraindications.

Many are waiting for the practice of magnetism like le Saviour ! I am notnot MAGICIAN. Magnetism is an aid, an accompaniment, a sharing and a rebalancing of energy, so that its clients can be fulfilled. Success depends above all on you.

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A holistic therapist is neither a doctor nor a pharmacist

​ Magnetism is only a complement to traditional medicine and should in no way replace it. ​ The client must consult his doctor and follow his medical treatment.


No obligation of result, but we   are committed to doing our best to help you.

No credit, and no refunds will be given. The client is responsible for his decision to contact me and accepts the warnings andthe general conditions.

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