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The care described on this site in no way replaces medical or psychotherapeutic treatment, when your state of health requires it. However, they can ideally intervene in addition to traditional medicine.
Do not discontinue medical treatment without your doctor's permission.

My approach considers the human being as a whole (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is calledholistic therapy.
As alternative medicine, it is not intended to replace allopathic medicine. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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  • 1 day

  • Opening hours: 9 a.m./12.30 p.m. - 2 p.m./5.30 p.m.


Develop your extra-sensory perceptions


  • Centering, anchoring, learning to protect and clean


  • course booklet

  • Exercises


Particular :

  • Employee: 90€

  • Unemployed & retired: €80

Company: 250€ / day

Practical information

  • Registration required

  • Average duration: 7h

  • Number of seats: 8

  • Plan a midday meal

  • Snack offered

We are all endowed with extra-sensory abilities. How about coming to (re)discover them through fun training? Several games and exercises will be offered to you to develop the capacities that are still dormant in you and those that have already manifested themselves, consciously or not. Stop limiting your potential!

  • Learn to develop your extra-sensory perceptions, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-olfaction, telepathy, mediumship, etc.

  • Discover how the body works and understand its reaction in the energy field: feelings of heat, resistance, tingling, etc.

  • Knowing how to recognize the different types of love that you can encounter.

  • Know how to magnetize your water and your food to bring you everything your body needs.

During this training, you will learn to use your first 5 senses effectively as well as all your extra-sensory senses.

Through games, workshops and training, you will discover which senses are the most developed in you and which ones you can work on first.

On the program: games on tastes, smells, touch, telepathy, intuition, vibratory listening, card games, etc. 

We invite you to come and reconnect with all your senses, to (re)discover what telepathy is.

You will be able to feel the different types of love that surround you and learn to differentiate between them: universal love, human love, etc.

You will also have the opportunity to test and analyze your bodily reactions when you touch different energy "bodies"...

All these exciting experiences are waiting for you. Cut yourself off from your daily life for a day!

Mandatory registrations

To register, simply complete the registration form.contacttelling me:

  • your surname, first name, postal address, telephone number and possibly the date of the internship that interests you.


Within 48 hours (excluding weekends), I will contact you by phone to discuss with you.

After this exchange and validation, I will ask you to send me a deposit payment. The amount varies depending on the amount of training.

The dayJof the internship, you will pay me the rest due on the training (cheque, cash, transfer.

You also have the possibility of paying in 2 or 3 instalments, in this case I thank you for specifying it to me in your message of request for registration.

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