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Los cuidados descritos en este sitio no sustituyen en modo alguno el tratamiento médico o psicoterapéutico, cuando su estado de salud así lo requiera. Sin embargo, idealmente pueden intervenir además de la medicina tradicional.
No interrumpa el tratamiento médico sin el permiso de su médico.

Mi enfoque considera al ser humano como un todo (físico, emocional, mental y espiritual). Lo llamamosterapia holística.
Como medicina alternativa, no pretende reemplazar la medicina alopática. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  

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Preguntas frecuentes

  • Should I do without my medical treatment if I consult a magnetizer or an energy specialist?
    NO. You should never stop your medical treatment. I am not a doctor and therefore do not make any diagnosis. Magnetism sessions should in no way replace the advice of your doctor.
  • What is the laying on of hands?
    Laying on of hands is the act of placing the hands on a weak or painful part of the body until the symptoms disappear. Generally, consultants feel warmth, tingling or coolness and sometimes nothing. Customers stay dressed.
  • Do you stop smoking, drugs, alcohol or for weight loss?
    Yes, and I will be clear about the therapy I put in place for these treatments. I therefore work on calming you down, simplifying your vision of things, strengthening your will and your conviction, recharging your energy, and awakening your receptivity to magnetism to better to apply ; and in this sense, help you achieve your goal and accompany you.
  • Can you clean the energies of my place of life?
    When you start a process of energy care, it is also important to clean and harmonize the energies of your home so that it is a place of healing and also so as not to be "reparasitized" by your environment following a care.
  • What happens during a session ?
    The session always begins with an interview, during which you can tell me about your expectations and your needs. Then, we will begin the treatment session, which will take place sitting or lying on the treatment table. I will use for the treatment, several techniques according to your needs, which can be the laying on of hands, the breath, the magnetic passes, the touch or the friction. Each treatment then ends with an exchange, which will allow you to debrief the session and come back to your feelings.
  • How many sessions are needed?
    The paths to healing are sometimes unexpected and inexplicable in the current state of our knowledge. Some will need one session, others more. The most important thing is that at the end of the session, you feel better. Depending on your ailments, it takes 2 to 4 sessions to obtain lasting and significant results. This can go up to 8 sessions for some treatments.
  • Can we do prevention sessions?
    Ideally, you should do preventive sessions, to have enough energy to resist diseases, especially in spring and autumn.
  • How long does a session last?
    The duration of a session depends on several factors: The nature of the health problem presented, major or not, His seniority, The receptivity of the consultant. Generally a magnetism session lasts 20/30 minutes, this should be enough to bring real relief and invite you to continue the treatment by magnetism. However, as long as I have feelings in my hands, I continue the treatment; so the treatment can last up to 45 minutes. An energy treatment session takes 45 minutes or more.
  • How can I be sure that the session will be effective?
    I can't promise you anything and I never guarantee a cure. On the other hand, I help you to relieve, soothe, as far as possible, your pain. Each person reacts differently to care. Sometimes you may be advised to take additional care, as optimal results may require more sessions. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your well-being and your health. Well-being and relief depend above all on you.
  • Is there physical contact (touch) during the session?
    During the session, you lie on a massage table and I put my hands a few centimeters from the body areas where the work is needed. I also sometimes touch my consultants using the magnetism of my hands. This touch is obviously respectful of you and if it bothers you, don't hesitate, say so.
  • Sincerity / Benevolence / Professional secrecy
    We've all probably had a time at a health practitioner, hairdresser, etc. where we didn't dare say something, say something didn't suit us or just didn't feel like it. , that we don't "feel" it. Indeed, sometimes we have no choice in our personal or professional relationships, we have to practice social lying. But since it is a moment that we take to take care of ourselves, I think it is important to be transparent, sincere. I want my office to be a space of freedom of speech where you can express yourself freely. I respect professional secrecy.
  • What are the feelings during a session?
    Most of my clients say they feel sensations of hot, cold, jolts, waves of energy, gurgling or even deep relaxation during the treatment. Feelings can be very different from one person to another. You may also not feel anything in particular, but that does not mean that the session did not work. In all cases, the final results will stabilize in a period ranging from 2 to 3 days. Sometimes 1 to 2 additional sessions are necessary to observe a complete rebalancing.
  • Does it work every time?
    No, sometimes there are failures. A magnetizer must therefore recognize that he has his limits, and that these same limits are variable and that therefore sometimes there can be failure. However, when there is failure, it can come from the consultant himself. Did you follow the recommendations given after the treatment? Did you stay a minimum at rest, as indicated? Wellness and relief also depend on you.
  • Can we have side effects after a session?
    The patient may feel tired during the hours following the treatment, and often in the days that follow. A need for bodily expression can be felt, yawning, sneezing, coughing, or even anger or crying or a feeling of freedom, an appeasement. These sensations vary according to each individual. This feeling of fatigue is normal and should not worry you because it is your body and mind that let go of the difficulties that are now a thing of the past. It is important to give your body time to recover, and to integrate the new energies and beneficial programs that were transmitted to it during the session.
  • What does magnetism do?
    It relieves, calms and soothes pain, inflammation and burns It stimulates the self-healing power of the patient It harmonizes energy circulation, releases tension and strengthens vital energy It reinforces prevention by preserving our health capital It helps to find peace, serenity, confidence, awaken our intuition
  • When do we feel the benefits of magnetism?
    It can be very fast. Sometimes only a few hours for the first improvements. For major issues, it may take 1 or 2 weeks. This varies depending on the problem and/or the person. But in any case, after 2 weeks you should feel better.
  • How long does an energy treatment last?
    An energy treatment lasts an average of 45 minutes. Remotely, I intervene on your structure for about 25 minutes, but time dilation may occur. Some people remain in a state of floating for 1H30/2H, others immediately feel when I enter the energy body and when I come out. In any case, for a remote care reservation, block at least one hour in your agenda.
  • Is a single energy treatment session sufficient?
    It will all depend on the number of themes identified to work with you. We deal with one or two issues at a time in order to carry out in-depth work. You let the body integrate the new information between two sessions.
  • How long between two energy healing sessions?
    There are no rules, everyone does as they please.What is important when you book a treatment is to do it because you feel called to do it, and because you feel you need it. I don't recommend continuing treatments if you haven't recovered from a previous treatment that turned you upside down. But if you feel like it might be a good thing for you, that's up to you. The important thing is not the frequency with which one receives care, but rather the commitment with which one receives it.
  • What do you feel during an energy treatment?
    The feelings during an energy treatment are both physical and emotional. Physically, during the treatment, you may feel heat: in your hands, in your feet, in your belly; tingling, heaviness in the lower limbs, the feeling of a space recreating itself in your digestive organs, etc.Emotionally, you may be overcome with tears, joy, fullness, and you may also feel bathed in intense light, as if someone is shining a spotlight on you.
  • Can we not feel anything during an energy treatment?
    In rare cases, it happens that you do not translate the energy healing into a bodily feeling. This happens through excitement or hyper mentalization. When you expect to feel something at all costs, this is the best way to not feel anything. The solution is in letting go, often easier said than done. Give yourself this break to do nothing, just enjoy the moment.
  • What are the benefits of energy healing?
    The benefits of an energy treatment are multiple: feeling of calm, relief of weight on the chest, better listening to your body. Coupled with the awareness of memories, the energy treatment helps to relieve the body and the mind, to find better sleep, deep relaxation, renewed vital momentum, digestion of emotions and the release of guilt .
  • How long do the effects of energy healing last? Do we need to do several treatments?
    Our energy bodies are like our physical body: they are alive, there is movement and circulation of energy between the exterior and us. It is therefore essential to have energy hygiene (via care or other energy self-cleaning practices) on a regular basis.To think that doing an energetic cleansing in your life or once in a while is enough is like washing yourself once a year...With a treatment, we come to clean and harmonize what is ready to be cleaned in your energy structure at the time of the session. We therefore proceed "layer by layer" during each treatment, each time going a little more in depth on the problem, respecting the rhythm of the person.We therefore always need to do several treatments if we want to do in-depth energy work.Between sessions, it is necessary to change certain habits, to listen to yourself, to act in the direction of what you want in your life. A treatment does not solve all the problems for us: it opens doors, it removes weight, but then it is up to us to take concrete action to change certain things in our daily lives.If you receive care but you do not make any changes of any kind in your life or you do not have any questioning or awareness, it is a bit like taking a shower and then putting dirty clothes back on: you will see little or no lasting results.
  • Can energy healing cure an illness?
    Energy healing is not a substitute for medical treatment. If you are taking treatment, do not stop it without your doctor's consent.Results are obtained to relieve physical and emotional pain but also inflammation such as eczema. When physical pain is present, it has first passed through all your subtle bodies before arriving in the physical body. An emotion not assimilated or the phenomena of repeated anxiety come to create faults in your energetic body which have repercussions in the long run on matter. The first effect of an energy treatment is to relieve, soothe, release weight.Energy is therefore complementary to any type of practice.
  • How do you work remotely?
    I use your photo to connect with you. Then I act like you're in front of me. The distance has no influence. My actions are as effective in consultation as for remote work. The results are the same.
  • When do you work remotely?
    Every morning before the start of my consultations and every evening after my consultations. Depending on my feelings and the information you give me, the treatment can be performed once or twice a day, for one or more days.
  • Is there tracking for remote actions?
    Yes, as part of remote action monitoring, and in order to keep a link, it is good to contact me after 8-10 days or more if necessary (SMS, phone or email).
  • Do the benefits of a session stop at the end of your work period?
    No, my actions continue for some time after the treatment stops. In general, what is "fixed", the rest. Then it's the way you live, the situation, the problem in question, the circumstances, ... that make the evil come back or not.
  • Can we clean the energies of a house remotely?
    Yes, energy has no borders! For my part, I work with photos of each piece. I check the atmosphere that emanates from it, cleanse the memories and realize the passage of the deceased.
  • What is a remote energy healing?
    A remote energy treatment is a transmission of energy frequencies between the practitioner and the recipient, without the need for the two people to be in the same room.During the treatments, I broadcast to the person, or the people if necessary, the energy frequencies they need at the time of the session in accordance with their guides, their Soul and what they are ready to integrate. It's not me who manages how the care will be received and used, it's your Soul, your unconscious, which will use the energy transmitted to the best.
  • What can't a distance energy healing do?
    Here is a non-exhaustive list of what energy healing does not do: Control and manage your thoughts and your mind: even if the treatment helps restore calm and can transmute certain thought-forms that accumulate around the head, you remain in control of what going on in your head and the thoughts you have. So, if you want to think more positive, it's going to have to come from you. Acting in your place, change your habits: care can help to raise awareness about habits or ways of doing things, but it's up to you to take concrete action. decisions to change such and such habits in your daily life and to act in the direction of what you want to put in place. Bring your ex back: I'm not a marabout...! Go release or unlock what the unconscious is not ready to let go: I do not force anything in care. Sometimes it's not yet the time to act on this or that issue/emotion, and in this case, the energies of the session will be used on other priorities of your unconscious. Get yourself out of a victim position if you take pleasure in this role: if others repeatedly disrespect you, if you often feel victimized by others, healing can help to have awareness in relation to the positioning in front of others (and in front of yourself) which induces these behaviors in your entourage. If you don't want to consider the fact that everyone is a creator of their own life, consciously and unconsciously, healing won't be able to help you. Substitute for medical or psychological follow-up: I invite everyone to exercise discernment and to be followed by appropriate and competent practitioners to take care of the pathologies and ailments they have. suffer. Energy is not opposed to medicine, care acts on other levels in a complementary way. Sometimes it is not sufficient or adequate to act on the energetic level, and medical action is essential.Ditto on a psychological level: I recommend being followed by a psychologist or psychiatrist if you feel the need, if you are in severe depression or if you have trouble managing certain behaviors or reactions alone , for example.Remote care is not suitable on its own to help people in great suffering. It is necessary to be followed by a suitable professional, in an office, in parallel with energy treatments if you absolutely want to take care.
  • Who can receive remote energy healing?
    In theory, anyone can receive care from the moment the person feels called to do so.I care for adults (pregnant women too), children and animals. However, I advise to be at least autonomous in the management of one's emotions, because the care is from a distance, and although I am available to answer questions, I am not at side of the person at the time of treatment to reassure them in the event of a major anxiety attack, for example. If you are subject to this kind of uncontrollable reaction, I advise you to go see someone in the office. I do not do sessions on people who are not aware of the treatment. You cannot make an appointment for someone (apart from your child) without their consent. I also advise against doing energy healing from a distance if you suffer from mental illnesses (schizophrenia for example), unless you go to see someone who is used to treating these pathologies which require a very specific energy approach, which is not my case.
  • Is a remote energy treatment as effective as a face-to-face treatment?
    There is no difference in the effectiveness of the treatment. For the practitioner, the work is much more intense, because it involves staying connected in self-hypnosis for about forty minutes while being crossed by visual and auditory information and by unraveling energy points. The bodily feeling may be less intense on the side of the remote receiver. It is for this reason that I insist on a time slot, so that we are connected together at the same time and you observe what is happening in your body.In face-to-face, emotions go through you more directly and you have the opportunity to verbalize as the session progresses.
  • What to do during a remote treatment?
    Choose a position where you feel comfortable, making sure not to cross your legs and hands. If you're lying down, keep your arms by your side, on your back, with your head and/or feet lightly supported by a cushion, whichever suits you best. Put your phone on silent during the treatment. Let it come, do not seek to sense the connection or the energy flowing in. Feel You don't have to connect with me: that's my job. You can just make the intention and the agreement to be available to receive this treatment for the duration of the session Let the thoughts, the images, the feelings come, whether they are pleasant or not, just let them pass through you for a moment, like a fleeting breath of air, without judgment or interpretation. You want to yawn, laugh, cry, sleep…. ? Go ahead, it's time to let the body express itself fully.
  • What to do after a distance treatment?
    Wait as long as you need to get up gently. Listen to the rhythm of your body to return to the Here and Now. Drink water or tea (the best is green tea) We take a moment to discuss Do not resume a stressful activity immediately after the treatment. Do not consume alcohol or drugs within 24 hours of the treatment. Avoid heavy or indigestible meals. Do not perform other treatments with me or a colleague within the next 21 days
  • Are you moving home?
    I can no longer move around as much as I would like. However, every evening, I do remote photo sessions, which extends my action to all of France. ​ However, I travel for bedridden elderly people and for large animals. For mileage, contact me.
  • How much will I pay for my session?
    Prices vary depending on the treatment provided. I help children and adults, as well as animals. Prices start at €25 for a child under 10. Some mutuals allow partial coverage.
  • The packages are for how many people?
    This is for one and only person.
  • Does the magnetizer have supernatural powers?
    No, but he has a gift, an ability to relieve.The gift, I never liked this word. This word refers to: "either we have it or we don't". So, it is not the word to use because it is rather a sensitivity that one develops. There are people who don't have that sensitivity. While others who are interested in magnetism, have abilities. As soon as we ask ourselves questions on this subject, it means that we have capacities. And these can be more or less latent.Finally, this ability is the ability to find, feel and finally live this energy, and this in an intuitive way to help people, like animals, to bring relief during a physical or psychological illness. , emotional, energetic.
  • Is magnetism close to a religion?
    My practice is not based on any particular belief, but on my simple feelings of the energy that I have acquired over the years of practice. There will therefore be no prayer, imploration, or ritual, the care being intended to be as neutral as possible.
  • Do we have to believe in magnetism, in energy for it to work?
    No, the degree of belief of the person does not influence the result. Indeed, many people who do not believe in magnetism or who do not know, have been relieved during sessions. And conversely, some people convinced of the "healing" powers of magnetism, have had little or no effect.

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